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Jacinda Ardern and the President of Afghanistan both speak about women in superlatives for International Women’s Day.

“No one can stop Afghan women from accomplishing greatness….” President Ashraf Ghani (link)

"Please, my plea, there are amazing women doing amazing things, please nominate them for recognition, the more role models we have out there for our young women and girls to see who are being acknowledged for the work they do the better." Jacinda Ardern (link)

Mr Nabi lived in Afghanistan in the time when women voted and could work in a country seen as more progressive than the neighbouring countries – if we share knowledge in unity, we can help our respective leaders deliver equality for women in both our countries.

These few links offer a tiny glimpse into the challenges of women in NZ and Afghanistan. Afghan women are speaking out. Are you listening? | Yalda Hakim | TEDxLUISS Life Behind The Burqa In Afghanistan Afghanistan: Cut From Different Cloth - Burqas and Beliefs

In this compelling chat Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of NZ) talks gender equality to Helen Clark (former Prime Minister).

The manifestations and challenges are different, but the commonality, is current and the same.

Haji Daoud Nabi – we honour you, and we grieve with your family. 



This is a Call to Action to kiwis who want to do something with their sadness and rage, and use social media to reduce fear and promote unity through knowledge and awareness.

If we each undertook 50 actions to learn and share knowledge we might find the one act to stop this hate.