"I am happy so it is of no consequence what others think." Dean Kootz wrote of a character in his novel Lightning 

Audio books offer escapism as I tread the daily mill - walking the dog, journeying to my next bridge event, or putting myself through my fitness paces. My latest Audible selection Lightning has yet to reveal itself as a delight or bore, but this quote did launch a needle point assault to my consciousness. That’s me I thought – actually I am happy. I absolutely love my life, fulfilled or not, work in progress or not yet begun. I have just witnessed the bringing of a beautiful new life into the world, and the blossoming of a new family. I return to my other side of the world to the man I love, to catch up with friends, my head full of hopes and dreams for a successful future. What right have I to do anything other than be grateful, delighted and yes happy? Absolutely none – in this instance what others think has absolutely no consequence for my happiness – unless I let it. I shall not! And I shall act with that knowledge.

Here is a tale of action and consequence. I am a Heartene/Spadane kinda gal. This means I am an aggressive player who likes to bid a lot, and try things out to see what happens – check out this hand. Thanks to the joy of modern technology, we managed the rarest of unheardofs – to co-ordinate three time zones to seat four Barclays at a virtual table for a game of bridge. Things were ticking along nicely when sitting North I picked up this collection.

Dlr: S
Vul: E/W



Miserable? Not for my energetic brain – partner (South) opened 1. I responded with a somewhat bold 2 after West had passed. The auction progressed Pass Pass my Mum (West) was rewarded for her first round discipline and doubled. At which point I expect my Dad (East) dropped his cards raced down the hill to the beach, launched himself into the Firth of Thames and ran back up the hill in five seconds flat (giving new brand to jumping for joy!). Holding his breath he'll have rechecked his hand, located and clicked on his pass bid before anyone’s computer crashed.

When the dust cleared I had managed to collect two tricks - oops. Oh yes that maxim - it's right handy that what other's think of me is of no consequence to my happiness! Otherwise I might just feel a right twit and rethink how I play bridge. Instead I’ll shrug and laugh – my personality is what it is!