What are you passionate about? Could that passion inspire others?

If you have been thinking about starting a creative venture, bring that light out from the bushel. Now is the time to get on with it. At the Ideas Hub we have turned unused space into a place of inspiration and creative enterprise. To succeed, we always need people to inspire and create. Come along and help us learn from each other.

We welcome your contribution. Are you about big business? Or most comfortable in small groups? Either way, in our space you can discover a new passion, or inspire others by sharing your skills.

If you want to be inspired practically, try one of our open sessions. Open sessions operate for the bargain fee of £2 per person. That’s £1 for materials and coffee for your tutors, and £1 to keep the hub in electricity and toilet paper!

Or visit the café to enjoy fresh tea/coffee and cakes (depending whose been baking) – Ask about our afternoon tea days while you are there.

And let’s get physical – did you know, the powers that drive the Ideas Hub, have working to make Parkway safer for cycling commuters. Come out on your bicycles on Sunday July 6th.