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Are you a keen Director, or confused by all the laws as they seem to change? Ask me - perhaps I can debunk the myths and give you peace of mind.

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Remains 169 days!

Keep bridging in your style with hugs from Nicole

50 acts for honour and unity

Respect differences, be free to be who you are in safety with the respect you deserve,
just for being you.

Read, share and do 50 of your own acts to ensure that our passed whanau live on through us.
Or even just one - share the ambition - maybe one act will bring unity in our community.

Do something. Cos y'all, us all doing nothing sure ain't cutting it!

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JigsawinaBag-Introducing the Suit Yourselves 1000 piece

It's ready to read! The history of our wonderful game through the eyes of the greatest captain bridge has ever known, brought to life again by Italian bridge expert Maurizio Di Sacco.

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Coming Soon in 2019

Eastbourne EBU Summer Congress - August 2019

The Mutton Cup Invitational Individual - Madrid, August 22-24th 2019

Surrey ODGP - Swiss Pairs & Teams 14-15 September 2019

Madeira Bridge Festival - Open to All, November 1-11th 2019

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