If you are a bridge event organiser and would like to hire a director for your bridge tournament, please do contact me. 

I promise always to bring professional competence, respect, a willingness to deliver the impossible, a ready smile and a sense of humour to all that I am involved in.

I also promise to ask lots of questions so that I can be sure both you, as the organiser, and I, know what our expectations are, and understand the realities of bridge event running.


  • Directing - on own or with team
  • Bridgemates (1 or 2)
  • Scoring - Jeff Smith, Scorebridge - simple or multi-section sessions
  • IT Equipment - own laptop, printer
  • Web Results  -  via ftp or Bridgewebs to club site, or on this site
  • Website creation
  • Email marketing


My style is all about try it, break it and learn how to get it right for your players.

Over the years I have broken everything from scoring programmes to bidding boxes, stretched software beyond its capabilities (that's where IT friends are very useful!), and attempted to clone myself in order to be in 5 places at once.

I am therefore confident that I know plenty of what there is to know front of house IT wise, to ensure a well run bridge event. Further I am very comfortable teaching others - so if you would like to learn - do contact me.


Directing Competence

Since 2007 I have been involved in the organisation of bridge events. First trained at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club in Central London I now can be regularly spotted at events throughout London, the South West of London and South East of England.

I am delighted to consider among my friends some of the most experienced and respected directors in the game, and I have a strong network of colleagues who I call on when I need to to ensure the highest quality of service for clients.

I am a member of the English Bridge Union and was appointed to the EBU panel of Directors in  November 2010. I follow the  EBU Code of Conduct for Directors.

UK clubs and counties I am involved with include:

Young Chelsea Bridge Club, Richmond, RAC London, Reform Monday Bridge, Highgate Bridge Club, Wimbledon Bridge Club, Roehampton Bridge Club, Hurlingham Bridge Club, First Class Bridge, TGRs, Essex, Middlesex, London, Surrey 

Directors who I work with regularly include:

Martin Lee, Neil Morley, John Pyner, Ian Mitchell

The Rules and me

I am a directing expert when it comes to reading the Law Book at a table. What does this mean in practice? I will not guess at what the Law Book says, and I will never quote bridge law numbers to your players. Rather, my style is to always carry a rule book to a table and when making a ruling read the relevant section, so that every player involved knows exactly what they may or may not do, and can reference it later should they need to.

When called on to make a judgement ruling my style is to consult with players, and fellow directors (by phone when in person not possible) and rule with pragmatism and practical appreciation that things go wrong, not people..