4. Find my own light

March 21, 2019

I have watched Jacinda Ardern tirelessly walking on into new challenges and situations and wonder how she can do it. Well it is certainly not by sitting back and letting others do the heavy tasks.

So, if technology has changed the world so much that I become witness to every emotion via social media, perhaps in order to cope I need to change too.

For a start I need to get much braver. I certainly cannot put my hopes for change onto others, this is the complacency that I would argue again open the way to this atrocity.

Baby steps.

So I chopped down a tree. It did not start as a tree. No, once it was a mildly annoying (ergo painful to trim) hedge, that gained a life of its own thanks to several years of indecision and unwillingness to get hurt. I told myself it was not my job, that a man would be stronger and safer placed at the task. And the hedge kept growing to become a tree. But what I really lacked was the courage and the belief.

So I chopped down the tree. From deep sadness comes new journeys and new stories to share.

Linda what a journey you must have taken to find your faith. But in doing so you became a story swapper who people could rely on. Your community will now look to themselves for the strength to tell their stories as they carry out their day to day tasks.

This is a Call to Action to kiwis who want to do something with their sadness and rage, and use social media to reduce fear and promote unity through knowledge and awareness. If we each undertook 50 actions to learn and share knowledge we might find the one act to stop this hate.


Our acts of acceptance will remember you all, you are us.

March 20, 2019


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3. Help a Hero Find their Light

March 19, 2019
Naeem Rashid, 50

I am nearly the same age as you, and I haven't even started to do all the things I want to do in this world. Were you the same? You lived teaching kiwi kids, you died helping others. 


I saw this post on Facebook before I wrote 2. And you won’t be shocked to read I bloody did it – I made a snap judgment the moment I saw the picture – I deemed it patronising and unnecessary and said to myself that doesn’t actually happen. And out of despicability (this is so ...

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2. Use Facebook and/or Google to find and ask the right person before making any judgment

March 17, 2019

Sayyad Milne, 14 years old.

Muslim, a lad, a student, a footballer. Whatever label we gave you, it cannot now ever be criminal, captain of industry, the next social media superstar. We are sorry you died for one label only without your chance to become everything.

News reports have posted two very different expressions of solidarity, bravery and rejection of terror from complete strangers to me and most likely the community of the victims too.

Both acts of sympathy were viewed with...

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1: Find one new point of commonality and share it via Social Media

March 17, 2019
New Page 1

Jacinda Ardern and the President of Afghanistan both speak about women in superlatives for International Women’s Day.

“No one can stop Afghan women from accomplishing greatness….” President Ashraf Ghani (link)

"Please, my plea, there are amazing women doing amazing things, please nominate them for recognition, the more role models we have out there for our young women and girls to see who are being acknowledged for the work they do the better." Jacinda Ardern (li...

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How do we atone?

March 17, 2019

What if resting on my laurels led to 50 brave individuals losing their lives this week?

But I am not special. I am not different. I am a just kiwi.

Yesterday one moronic act causing unspeakable tragedy rocked me off my foundations. My naïve acceptance that “she’ll be alright on the night” is now confirmed as bullshit! Sitting on one’s proverbial backside excusing my non-involvement with terror, prejudice and hate, on the basis that it is not my problem, might actually be cont...

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