People                   City Scenes                                Museo de Antioquia & Escaleras Electricas & Cementerio Montesacro

With a bundle of nerves wrapped into my suitcase, I set off from London City airport for a new continent, to explore a different language, meet new people and learn new things.

Today, as I sit in warm, wet, thundery Essex back in the UK,  I marvel at how small the world becomes when people come together. During my fortnight in Medellin, the generosity and warmth showed to me by our hosts, my teacher, my colleagues, fellow bridge players and the people of Medellin has been unprecedented. Every one of you has touched my heart in unique ways, and enriched my spirit.

Thank you all, you wonderful people and those back home who made it possible.

Medellin, host to the 6th South American Transnational Bridge Festival, became my home away from home for a moment in our respective histories. And what a welcome showed to me! 

My travel tip  - never be put off by tales of old – do your research and get out and explore! Here are some photos of an exciting growing city that is eager to throw off the past and welcome tourists to be part of its future.

Three city contrasts -      El Poblado    Downtown   and    San Javier

Getting around is a breeze – taxis are around less than a fiver. The metro is clean, safe and easy to find and orient yourself!

Touristy things

Escaleras electricas – Comuna 13- San Javier Metro station (then take the bus marked)

Museo de Antioquia – in the Centre of town (take the City Walking Tour if you like stories and are in no hurry to be anywhere)

Cementerio Montesacro (easiest to get there by Metro to Itagui station and take a taxi